While businesses are investing more in IT solutions than ever before, cost-conscious enterprises are also looking for opportunities for savings wherever possible. Managed print services (MPS) solutions represent one of the most effective ways to generate workplace efficiencies in the modern office environment.

This is because MPS solutions are founded on highly efficient technology and focused on eliminating the waste produced by traditional printing solutions. Even offices that place a premium on paperless solutions for document control still need to print, and MPS solutions offer key efficiencies these businesses could not implement by themselves.

The majority of MPS operators in the small-to-medium business market are resellers for major print providers. This offers opportunity for serious success, since 75% of offices still print every day according to ComputerWeekly.com.

Launching a Managed Print Services (MPS) Program in 7 Steps

Firms looking to implement and benefit from managed print services need to prepare themselves for undergoing a period of transition. Even small businesses are reluctant to undergo the significant internal changes that MPS brings about – and enterprise clients need to be deeply convinced that the risk is worth taking.

Step 1: Start Slow and Learn as You Go

Set reasonable expectations for the growth and development of your MPS program. It is unlikely that an enterprise-level company with 5,000 employees onboard will be able to immediately switch over to MPS – trying to start big might end up in disappointment. Start with small steps and fine-tune the value proposition MPS offers.

Step 2: Solve a Specific Business Problem

Service providers of any kind need to demonstrate a specific value to their clients. That value should be defined as narrowly as possible and backed up with convincing statistics. Only the largest firms can position themselves as general problem-solvers – and even they lose out to the many small consultancies that focus more specifically on their clients’ issues within a narrow window of opportunity. Look for a provider to fit your specific business needs.

Step 3: Calculate Total Cost of Ownership

Know how much you’d be paying without MPS. Whether you expect to calculate pricing structure using cost-per-page (CPP) or seat-based-billing (SBB), you will need to compare the offer you receive with a total cost of ownership calculation.

Step 4: Develop Key Partnerships

Print service providers need clearly defined and tightly controlled partnerships in order to demonstrate truly convincing value to potential clients. Any managed print services (MPS) provider looking to offer comprehensive cost-reduction benefits to clients will need to rely on a small network of trusted partners to keep each individual part of the process working smoothly. MPS companies working with hardware vendors such as FP Mailing Solutions are more trustworthy than those trying to do everything by themselves.

Step 5: Develop and Monitor Performance Indicators

Even the most enthusiastic clients are going to want to know the results of their decision to implement an MPS solution. This might happen after a month, six months, or a year, but it is up to the MPS provider to demonstrate the real value of the service agreement. Establish benchmarks with your provider and monitor them together to evaluate savings and efficiency.

Step 6: Don’t Forget About Assessments

Assessing the value of an MPS solution can be an arduous, research-intensive, and data-heavy task, but it produces enormous value. This information can be used to develop a data infrastructure, giving key insights into how the MPS partnership should be run.

Step 7: Be Visible, Be Present

Choose an MPS provider who meets regularly with customers to provide progress updates. Keep in touch with your provider so that your needs stay on top of their minds as you implement the new program together.

Be Positioned for Growth with Managed Print Services

As small businesses and offices continue to invest in technology, the benefits MPS solutions offer to businesses will become more attractive. Hiring an MPS provider now can establish useful partnership for tomorrow’s market – use these helpful tips to guarantee you get the most value out of your MPS program.

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