The small business mailroom is a volatile place. For some businesses, it’s a hyper-efficient communication center that directly adds to the company’s value proposition. For others, it’s a disorganized hub of rushed activity with employees under constant stress to meet deadlines. This difference often indicates the overall efficiency of the business as a whole.

As a result, up-and-coming executives and established industry leaders alike are looking for ways to cut mailing costs and improve mailroom efficiency. There are a few ways to do this, from using managed print services (MPS) to creating workflow platforms and automating optical character recognition. Each step can produce significant savings in labor costs while avoiding expensive mailroom errors.


Mailroom Efficiency Pays for Itself

One of the most common mistakes small business owners make is treating the mailroom as a cost rather than an asset. A highly organized mailroom can make or break a company’s bottom line by generating efficiencies where competitors are slow to respond or prone to errors.

This holds true even for companies without an especially high mail volume, but it is crucial for ones who rely on mail to distribute goods or marketing materials. Mailroom errors are among the most frustrating for customers and business partners because of the time involved – postal service providers simply can’t fix problems immediately.

Fortunately, owners of small to medium-sized businesses can implement cost-saving efficiencies in the mailroom. These include:

1. Going Paperless Wherever Possible

While printing is the backbone of most mailroom processes, new technologies are making many of these time- and resource-consuming processes obsolete. From Workflow’s mailroom AI to simple mailroom scanning solutions, businesses have ample opportunity to digitize mail data. Digital data is much easier to manipulate and correct when necessary.

2. Archive Efficiently

Document archival is one of the prime factors leading to mailroom disorganization. Companies that archive documents efficiently waste far less time correcting errors than those that treat document archival as an afterthought. When combined with a paperless solution or accessed through a managed print services (MPS) database, document archival practices can be automated.

3. Use a Postage Meter

Modern businesses do not need to individually stamp outgoing envelopes and packages. It is a time-consuming process that presents numerous opportunities for errors to introduce themselves. Any business that relies on the postal service to produce value for its customers should invest in a postage meter or fully integrate with a company like FP mailing solutions.

4. Use Mailroom Scanning Technology

Mailroom scanning helps reduce human error while making mail sorting more efficient. It is a cost- and labor-efficient way to deal with medium-to-large volumes of mail. Importantly, scanning technology helps with both outgoing and incoming mail, making it a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of industries.

By digitizing the most labor-intensive mailroom processes, business owners can begin to derive profits from otherwise-costly mailroom activities.


Third Party Integrations for High Volume Mailrooms

Signing an agreement with an MPS or a mailing solutions provider can be a cost-effective way to generate powerful mailroom efficiencies. Small to medium-sized businesses with significant mailroom volume generally earn the greatest return on their investments in this way.

High volume mailrooms have the most to benefit from using folder-inserters that can prepare thousands of mail documents per hour and a postage meter that takes the guesswork out of stamping.

These benefits carry over into other elements of office document control and provision as well. A company that uses a postage meter, for instance, can avoid time-consuming trips to the post office to purchase stamps. The potential for lost or damage stamps is eliminated, and packages are guaranteed compatible for shipment.

All of these efficiencies benefit the post office, as well. As points out, metered mail moves faster than stamped mail. This, as well as other mailroom efficiencies, can make any business stand out in a crowded marketplace.


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