Any business that relies on sending physical packages knows just how time-consuming postage can be. The actual process of manually applying stamps to packages takes hours even in modest circumstances.

This is why businesses began using professional postage meters, beginning as early as the year 1920. Since then, these machines have become the de facto standard for business shipping, with increasingly sophisticated versions released in the decades that followed.

Online postage software allows users to print stamps and labels for immediate shipment. In order to do so, businesses must purchase the appropriate label printing device and sign up for an online printing service.

The industry has grown considerably in terms of the size, scale, and weight of packages that a single small company can send out. Even small companies may find themselves shipping out hundreds of packages per day. Under these conditions, any small break in efficiency can result in costly downtime.

Choosing the Right Mailing Option for Your Company

As with any technical resource, mailing equipment is prone to developing faults or defects over time. This risk increases with usage, as does the importance that businesses place on mailing equipment. Managed mailing providers take care of this and all other mail-related issues so that businesses can focus on driving profits through core competencies.

The following list lays out the various benefits and drawbacks of stamps, online postage, and out-tasked mailing solutions providers.

1. Traditional Stamps

Businesses and individuals who only send out a handful of packages per day may be inclined to use stamps for the process. Since volume is low, there is little reason to invest in an automated postage solution.

However, there is an additional cost that should be included into the equation. Any business that sends out mail using stamps must also regularly send someone to the post office to purchase stamps. This also means that you need to keep track of your inventory of stamps and even make additional trips to purchase incremental 1-cent stamps to cover eventual increases in postage rates.

2. Online Postage

The advantage to online postage is that you do not need to travel to the post office to buy stamps. However, you still need to print out and physically apply shipping labels to your packages. This is generally not a problem for low-volume shipping, but as daily shipping needs increases, so does to the time and effort it takes to send each package out.

Additionally, online postage solutions require an Internet connection. You must purchase a separately connected digital scale and printer, as well. If any of these devices malfunction, your entire shipping department is unable to work.

3. FP Mailing Solutions

FP Mailing Solutions is a full-service mailing hardware solution. It ensures that you are able to get packages out quickly and professionally, regardless of internal issues with your company. Productivity is assured even when Internet access is temporarily disabled, or when the local post office is closed. This produces across-the-board efficiencies that any company with significant shipping volume should adopt.

While mailing solutions obviously represent the best choice for high-volume enterprises, small businesses and start-ups can benefit as well. In any situation where time is too important a commodity to be wastefully spent, a reputable hardware solutions provider can help generate value. Postal service providers can integrate solutions to any business size.

Mailing Solutions Offer Scalability

One of the important benefits that mailing solutions offer is compatibility with long-term growth. If you are the sole caretaker of your outgoing mailroom, you could find yourself swamped with work if your business takes off. Accommodating that level of activity is an unnecessary stress – whereas if you rely on the services of a postal service provider, you can scale their efforts to meet any need.

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