The benefits of managed services, from print, document, to network and IT services, are something that almost any decision-making executive is aware of. This is especially true in today’s efficiency-oriented market, where every task specialization and outsourced work order is an investment in your ability to focus on your core business.

But there are plenty of managed network service providers out there. There are literally hundreds of managed print service providers, and many of these companies even do an acceptable job. What makes Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises special? Why should you want to be a DME customer?

We Build Powerful Partnerships

At DME, we do more than simply fulfill tasks and check work orders for our customers. We built lasting partnerships with ample room for growth as time goes on. Building relationships with customers means going the extra mile when necessary and, when appropriate, also using special events to build rapport.

For example, in August 2017, we held a successful sponsorship for our customers and partners at the Cincinnati ATP Western & Southern Tennis “Masters” Series. To thank people like you for partnering with us, we set up a huge tent, invited 300 individual customers and provided tennis rackets alongside dinner, drinks, and raffle prizes.

This sort of one-off event doesn’t magically build interdepartmental rapport by itself, however. We put time and energy into these events, regularly holding them alongside our global partners and DME account managers so that our customers get to know the people with whom they work. In many cases, building these relationships creates additional efficiencies and prevents problematic workplace situations from occurring.

We’ve been sponsoring that tennis tournament for a decade now. Additionally, we brought long-time partners like Toshiba, DLL, US Bank, and Sharp into the deal, supporting our community while producing the best experiences we can offer to our customers.

All of these factors combine to place Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises on top of the managed services industry in our region. Good businesses invest in the communities they serve, and we are happy to do our part.

Community Donations – DME Gives Back

Although we’ve sponsored the Western & Southern Tennis “Masters” Series for 10 years now, that’s not the only way we give back to our community. We’ve also donated more than $600,000 to the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy organization – one of the largest and most comprehensive non-profits dedicated to finding a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). It’s a cause we care about.

Similarly, we have donated to the Grant C. Alexander fund, which has committed itself to educating people about DMD. The fund has given out over $65,000 in scholarship funds to full-time college students while holding events and fundraisers to raise awareness for DMD.

We also give to the Military Financial Readiness Program in partnership with our technology provider Toshiba. We support the Cincinnati Public Library, Salvation Army, and many more local organizations providing services we care about.

These examples show a different side to Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises than you might otherwise see when browsing through our selection of managed business services. Our purpose is – and has always been – to help people.

Our core business and our charitable efforts are both in perfect alignment with this purpose. That level of respect for the work we do, and the change that it can bring about, is what separates DME from the whole host of managed service providers.

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises offers managed IT, print, and document control solutions to its clients in partnership with globally recognized leaders. Find out how we can streamline your business today.