If, for you, the term document management conjures up images of stacks of dubiously organized folders and papers sitting in an on-premises storeroom, you’re not alone. This has been the standard method of organizing documents for all businesses up until the electronic revolution of the 21st century.

Now, however, there is simply no need to spend countless hours digging through alphabetical filing cabinets hoping that the last person to check out a file also took the time to put it back in its proper place. Electronic filing systems make life easier for your entire company.

However, buying and maintaining your own electronic filing system can also be time-consuming. In order for the system to work, data entry specialists need to painstakingly convert your documents into the digital format. This ensures that you can access the information they contain when you need to, and scan the database for specific items when necessary.

You Don’t Need to Purchase Your Own Document Management Solution

The modern business landscape offers plenty of options aside from purchasing and implementing your own document management solution. Buying guides abound. You can save money while keeping your paper and digital files well-organized by leasing a document management program.

There are some important benefits to this approach, some of the most important of which are outlined below.

  • Cutting-Edge Functionality. If you were to purchase your own document management system today, in five years, you may find yourself falling behind as upcoming advances in database technology offer greater speed and accuracy. When you hire a document management service to provide these solutions for you, you ensure state-of-the-art technology is implemented at every stage of the process.
  • Futureproof File System Compatibility. Similarly, if a new file format becomes an industry standard in the next few years, you will have to convert all of your files to the new format in order to use them with the latest technology. If you purchase and operate your own document management solution, this can be an expensive and time-consuming project, whereas any reputable document management service provider includes this service in their package.
  • Unlimited Secure Access. The ability to launch document management applications in the cloud means that you can enjoy full access to your data anytime and anywhere you need it. This is one of the biggest advantages that modern document control solutions have over centralized filing systems. Although you can create your own cloud-based solution using currently available technology, the cost of upkeep and maintenance make a managed service far more attractive.
  • Predictable Costs. Purchasing your own solution and implementing it from the ground up means that you are ultimately responsible for all of the associated costs. This includes the opportunity costs of employees who spend time working on document control instead of developing core business processes. A managed solution, on the other hand, has a constant monthly rate that only changes according to well-defined rules and parameters.

Managed Document Services Include Equipment and Maintenance

Perhaps the greatest advantage that document management services offer is the ability to overlook key equipment and maintenance costs. Instead of being passed on to you on an ad-hoc basis – the basic tenet of break/fix IT management – equipment and maintenance costs are included in the monthly fee you pay for the service.

In the end, this lets you save money and reduce uncertainty while retaining decision-making authority over your document management solution. Reputable service providers are flexible enough to accommodate your needs even as they change moving forward.

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