For many small businesses, the mailing room copier is a fulcrum that balances the daily workload in the office. In organizations that rely on a centralized copying machine for the majority of copy and print actions, this trusty machine forms the backbone of almost every business operation.

But what happens when the old copier breaks down? In most cases, copier problems require the dedicated service of a repair company. This means you have to make a call, set an appointment, and endure expensive downtime until a technician can come in and fix your copy machine.

Downtime is not only expensive in terms of lost revenue. Printing Impressions magazine notes that most companies’ biggest concern is customer satisfaction, which takes a huge hit when print malfunctions cause downtime. Replacing an old print or copy machine can mitigate this risk.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Old Copier?

Before jumping on the bandwagon and ordering your office a brand-new multifunction printer/copier, consider the following questions:

  • How Old Is Your Copier? If your machine is older than five years, you are probably spending more than the value of a new copier on regular maintenance and repairs. These devices typically don’t have an operational lifespan longer than five years.
  • How Frequently Do You Call for Repairs? Even if your device is relatively new, misuse and improper calibration can lead to you ordering repair services more often than should be necessary. Frequent repairs are cause for concern, and should be taken as an indicator that the machine is on its last legs.
  • Does Your Copier Offer Mobile Support? Mobile compatibility is an increasingly important factor for businesses adapting to today’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture. An employee who has to transfer files from a mobile device to a computer just to print out a document is spending valuable time doing something that a new multifunction printer could do instantly.
  • Is It Secure? In today’s digital workplace, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Whether you run a small business or a major enterprise, you need to be sure that your copying and printing machines do not represent a weak point in your security plan. Sensitive data should only be accessible through secured connections, with encryption and password authentication.
  • Are Operating Costs Rising? New copiers often use innovative technology to lower the total cost of operation when compared to older models. They do this through lower energy consumption, greater consumable efficiency, and productivity boosts. In many cases, a high-performance multifunction printer can outperform an older device while costing less to operate on a daily basis.

What About Managed Print Services?

Instead of purchasing a new copier, you can enjoy the use of cutting-edge equipment while only paying a flat monthly service rate through a managed print services agreement. This can save time, energy, and money in the long term.

Managed print services rely on a print audit to determine the total cost of ownership of the printing devices in your organization. The results of this audit will indicate the type of managed services you can afford to implement while increasing productivity and reducing cost.

A print audit will also positively identify which print and copy devices need to be replaced. The data is worth examining even if you elect to forego the managed service and simply replace your own devices – it will provide you with ample information on the usage rates of individual devices and consumables.

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