For many growing businesses, the key to optimizing expansion into new markets hinges on a single question:

“Should I hire a marketing team, or outsource marketing?”

At Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises, we offer a broad range of managed business services. Notably, marketing isn’t one of them – and we’re going to explain exactly why we believe our technology and services will help you take the reins of your in-house marketing strategy.

Outsourced Marketing Is Hit or Miss

As anyone who has hired a marketing freelancer knows, marketers tend to have very specific skills. One particular marketing professional may believe solely in the power of social media, while another is a devotee of paid search. Interestingly, even large marketing agencies tend to specialize in the same way – once they find a formula that works, they simply apply it to their clients en masse.

This can produce results, but only if you’re lucky enough to choose an outsourced marketing professional who is comfortable enough with your industry to reliably produce results. In many cases, it leaves clients disappointed in the promise of online marketing.

This means that you could easily hire a paid search marketing professional for your company, only to find out that your competitors are beating you at content marketing – at that point, you’re already backtracking just to keep up.

This brings up one of the main points that the Harvard Business Review makes about marketing agencies – they tend to be slow. They are slow to produce results, slow to adjust to industry norms, and slow to update campaigns to generate results continuously.

What About the Data?

There is another hidden cost of outsourced marketing – your customer data. Marketers are increasingly reliant on data and they will use your customers’ data to feed future marketing plans in ways not easily predictable.

While not all marketers are so nefarious as to copy off former client customer data in order to deceive future clients – it is a potential reality that you should prepare for. If you own your customer data, as well as the algorithms that interpret that data, you can rest assured that your customers’ sensitive information can be protected. Managed network services simplify achieving this level of security.

In-House Marketing Is Quick, Responsive, and Accountable

In-house marketers, on the other hand, need to be quick because they have only one marketing job to do – yours. It may be harder for you to hire a fully loaded team of in-house marketers. You certainly won’t be able to afford the staff that an entire agency can put on the line, but when comparing the man-hours these large teams represent, remember that those agency marketers aren’t only working for you.

In the end, your in-house marketing team should be able to produce more and greater results than an agency. The key to enjoying these results is picking an in-house team that plays to your strengths while compensating for your weaknesses.

This is a job that only an in-house marketing team can do. An outsourced marketer is going to look at each campaign as a one-off deal that will hopefully produce results, and simply say, “tough luck” if it doesn’t. A dedicated in-house marketer needs to think long-term and see your brand grow – the job depends on it.

As core business processes become more complex and technologically advanced, marketing needs to adjust by digging deeply into the value propositions companies offer. Outsourced agencies are too often simply stretched too thin to deliver results of this caliber in today’s market.

But in-house marketing teams are increasingly gaining the upper hand. Thanks to the efficiencies that managed print services, managed document services, and high-quality mailing solutions offer, it is possible for a small in-house marketing team to outperform even the largest, most reputable agencies.

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