Do you still use a whiteboard for corporate training?

The venerable whiteboard has been a staple in the corporate training program environment for the better part of the last half-century – and before that, the chalkboard. Both of these devices offered a very useful set of features to training staff.

  • They were portable.
  • They were multi-functional.
  • They could be quickly erased and re-used for illustrating new concepts.

However, using them effectively was anything but simple. For the most part, if a trainee were to simply look at the whiteboard after a training session was over, it would be a mess of variously colored signs, charts, graphs, and other items of information. Typically, each item of information would be superimposed over the last, turning even the simplest of sessions into a labyrinth of definitions, terms, and figures.

Now, however, the Sharp Aquos Board has become the next step forward in corporate education. By combining the ease of use of a whiteboard with modern-day touchscreen technology influenced by modern presentation software, corporate training supervisors can combine the best features of a tablet computer, keynote presentation projector, and traditional whiteboard to get points across clearly, distinctly, and quickly.

This is why we’ve begun using the board for own corporate trainings. It simplifies the process of explaining often-complex subjects, splitting them down into manageable items of data, ready to be dispersed to the training session audience immediately following the session’s closing.

The Sharp Aquos Board Offers Unlimited Connectivity

The main benefit of using this technology in the corporate classroom is being able to connect it seamlessly with other devices while maintaining intuitive touchscreen control over the content it displays. This makes lessons plans more interactive than any PowerPoint presentation can ever possibly be.

The Sharp Aquos Board connects to all of the following devices:

  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Multi-function printers
  • Other digital signage products

The Sharp Aquos Board enhances presentations in a wide variety of industries by allowing for instant, on-demand presentation using a whiteboard-style stylus to write directly on its surface. This lets presenters and educators show detailed, high-resolution imagery drawn straight from their connected devices and modify those images using their own hands.

The device’s ten-point touchscreen technology even lets multiple users interact with the data and imagery it shows. More than one individual can write, draw, erase, or modify presentations in real-time simply by touching the board. This touchscreen tablet functionality also works through connected tablet computers, letting you draw or write on one device and have the resulting image displayed for your entire audience to see.

Potential Uses in Corporate Education

Now, more than ever before, the corporate training hall is an interactive location where individual trainees can gain deep familiarity with the products and services they need to understand without having to resort to high school-style note taking.

As an educator, you can use the device’s built-in technology to zoom in on a particular element of your presentation without having to program this zoom-in functionality beforehand like you would have had to on a PowerPoint presentation. Simply swipe your hands according to the device’s built-in multi-gesture feature set and you’ll be able to show an entire classroom full of students exactly what part of the display’s information is of most importance to the current lesson.

Furthermore, you can use this device to highlight key points, make on-the-spot annotations, and emphasize certain topics in real-time – exactly how you would with a whiteboard, but with a 21st-century level of device interconnectivity that has never before been seen in the corporate training sector.

Aquos Features Designed for Maximum Impact

The most striking feature of the Sharp Aquos Board is its 80-inch size. Spectacular HD clarity makes it easy for presenters to get their point across whether speaking to a small group of interested individuals or an entire classroom of students. It is five times brighter than the next-largest plasma display on the market, and uses one-third of the power of its closest competitor.

The ability to connect the device to any multi-function printer means that image data shown on-screen – alongside any changes, modifications, annotations, or other information you draw on it – can be instantly printed out and given to each member of the training course audience. Similarly, you can save data to your connected PC and send it out to each attendee via email. The use applications of this exciting technology are limitless.


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