If your company relies on sending bulk mail out – either to existing clients or to prospective ones – you should always be looking for faster, more efficient ways to automate your mailroom.

One of the key ways that modern organizations do this is through the use of folder inserters. These devices let you automatically fold, insert, and close envelopes as soon as you print them. Any business that regularly sends out more than 40-50 items of mail per day can benefit from this time- and labor-saving technology.

What is a Folder Inserter?

Also called a paper folding machine or letter stuffer, the folder inserter is a simple mechanical device that folds and inserts documents into envelopes for shipping. These devices are responsible for the clean, professional-looking mail you receive from large companies and reputable organizations.

Installing one in your mailroom can give you the same polished, professional appearance when customers and clients open up your mail.

The smallest folder inserters FP Mailing Solutions has to offer can process around 1,000 envelopes per hour. This is 13 times faster than the average mailroom employee works, and doesn’t take breaks into account.

The highest-volume folder inserters can include personalized inserts operating a double-insert feeder and produce upwards of 12,000 folded envelopes per hour and feature unlimited job memory. This technology produces enormous benefits for companies that need to leverage their mailroom manpower effectively.

Additional Benefits to Using Folder Inserters

Beyond the complete automation of laborious mechanical processes, folder inserters offer increased security, giving you peace of mind. You can print coded sets of marks on your documents – such as a small barcode – and use this functionality to tell the folder inserter to place in the correct number and document type into each envelope automatically.

This lets you ensure that the correct documents go to the intended recipients, even when the number of documents going to each individual recipient changes on a per-envelope basis. With this functionality, the process of mail sorting only needs to happen once – the machine will take care of the rest.

This benefit is important now, more than ever, because of the increased culture of data security found in the private sector. Data regulations are more important than ever, and your industry almost certainly deals with personally identifiable customer information.

This means that if you accidentally send a customer the wrong invoice, and the invoice has the customer’s social security number or sensitive financial information, you could find yourself in trouble with the SEC for exposing private data. Folder inserters reduce the chance of human error leading to such a situation.

What About Maintenance and Consumables?

Folder inserters, like printers and copiers, use consumable resources to do their job. The best way to protect your workflow is to use automated mailing solutions that include automatic consumable purchases.

Managed mailing services like those we offer on behalf of FP Mailing Solutions let you enjoy the use of the market’s most sophisticated tools while ensuring maintenance and consumables remain accounted for.

With this solution, your mailing room benefits from our selection of folder inserters, copiers, postage meters, and more. Whenever consumables run low, we replace them for you and perform preventative maintenance that ensures continued high-volume operation with complete efficiency.

Speak with a specialist about automated mailing solutions and discover which set of machines would best meet your organization’s mailing needs. After a team of experts visits your office and takes account of your daily input and output, we will be able to determine whether our Small Business, Office, or Enterprise Series devices would match you needs best.

Furthermore, additional combinations of printing and copying solutions can reduce your overall office overhead drastically. Between managed mailing solutions and automated folder inserters, you have the ability to completely overhaul your mailroom for efficiency, speed, and accuracy.